Water in addition to Mother’s milk?

Most first time mothers are not aware whether to breastfeed their new born exclusively or give water and other liquids in addition to breast milk. In the initial months there is no need to give water to the baby because mother’s milk is satisfying to quench baby’s thirst.

Most mothers give water to their new ones on hot days and days when the climate is not favorable. However, mother’s milk contains sufficient water to quench your little ones thirst. Hence, mothers can feed their babies with breast milk alone. So when should water be introduced to the baby. There is no fixed time when water should be introduced to the baby but it is said that if the baby is passing urine five to six times a day and the colour of the urine is very yellowish then there is no need to start water. However, you can consult your local physician for the best advice. Also, slowly when the baby starts consuming less and less breast milk, water can be introduced. Remember to give boiled and cooled water to the baby. Upto six months, mothers’ milk can provide all the nutrition to the baby. Please avoid giving cow’s milk or any form of powdered milk to the baby as nothing can substitute mother’s milk. However, after six months, babies can be introduced to different kinds of fruit juice, grape water, soups and other liquids but it is very important that one consults a doctor before the introduction of these liquids. Each baby has his or her own growing stage and things should be introduced accordingly.

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