Happy New Year

Ushering the New Year 2009 is like promising ourselves the very best. This is also time to forget and forgive and move forward for better opportunities. Explaining to kids about New Year need not be just about the bash planned and the dance program at your society. Kids need to understand that the year 2008 was eventful for them. Ask them about all the things that gave them joy last year. Listen intently to their explanations and you will be amazed that they remember the trip to the local park, the new guest at home and also learning the new words.


Ask them if they were upset about few things in the year. In rare cases, where kids are articulate they are able to explain but if we actually notice kids forget and forgive so easily. In case older kids have met with failure then encourage them to work hard in the new academic year. Life is full of opportunities for all of us at any age. Looking back at sad moments will make us lose opportunities that are at our doorstep. Kids reflect our moods and if there have been unpleasant thoughts in the past year, then explain to them that this has to be forgotten.


Tell the kids about your plans for the New Year resolution. Keep a diary of the same. Tell them that you have decided to forgo the extra butter and weekend sundae. Ask them their plans. There are no rules to be set as this will not motivate them. Gently suggest them to avoid junk food and viewing excess television. Make a vow to yourself to spend quality time with the family. Invite friends for pot luck parties or organize yourself better during the weekends.


Actually teenagers are very understanding and resolutions mean a lot to them. This is one age where you can relate anything with them. The rapport has to be constant and continued and misunderstandings have to be cleared immediately. Let them confide and open up to you. Let the faith be restored. There is so little time to be spent as a family as our lives are constantly challenged with material pressures.


Make it special for the in-laws this year as Diwali or Xmas is still far away. Understand and share their thoughts. Shed unwanted apprehensions about your daughter’s new group of friends at college or the new hairstyle of your teenage son. Nothing is constant in life except for change. A very Happy 2009 for all readers!

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