Baby Meals

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Multi-Grain Khichdi

This khicdi has goodness of corn, wheat, pulses and veggies. It’s high in nutritional value and  tastes yumm. Ingredients: Corn grated , bottle gourd 1/2 grated or chopped , carrot 1 grated or chopped, spinach…

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Yummy oats with Mango twist

Oats are a very healthy option for breakfast. Its full of nutritional value. Some taste enhancers can help you serve them to your kids. My lil one is very fond of mangoes. So I came…

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Yummy and nutritious Porridge Shake

Hi there! I am happy to come up with this yummy nutritious shake. I started off with a porridge for my lil one but ended up with an innovative shake. To know more keep reading….

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Healthy Multi-grain chila

Ingredients: Wheat flour four tbsp, gram flour 1 tbsp, raagi flour 2 tbsp, rawa (semolina) 2 tbsp,rice flour 1 tbsp, spinach 100 gms, carrot one small, bottle gourd( doodhi) 50 gms ( one fourth of an…

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Nutrition for Toddlers

Babies grow at a lightening pace – 3 inches or so every month. A toddler, in contrast, grows at a much slower rate- only 3.5 inches in a year. While the growth rate is slowed…