Healthy Multi-grain chila


Wheat flour four tbsp, gram flour 1 tbsp, raagi flour 2 tbsp, rawa (semolina) 2 tbsp,rice flour 1 tbsp, spinach 100 gms, carrot one small, bottle gourd( doodhi) 50 gms ( one fourth of an avg size), beet root 1 piece small(optional), salt to taste, asfoetida (hing) a pinch, ghee 2 tsp. Water half glass.

Method of preparation:

Wash all the vegetables properly. Finely chop spinach.  Grate carrot, bottle gourd, beet root.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add water gradually while stirring the mixture so that no lumps are formed. Add water so as to  maintain medium thick consistency of the batter.

Heat frying pan on low flame. Grease with ghee.

Pour batter with a round big spoon and spread.

Cover with lid and cook for two- three minutes. Check with knife if comes out clean change the side of chila and cook again for two minutes.

Remaining batter can be used to prepare more chillas. This measurement will be sufficient to prepare four medium size chillas.

Suggested servings:

Healthy chila is ready to be served to your kids. Serve with tomato sauce. You can also prepare coriander chuttney or mint chuttney.


You can add green chillies as per your taste. Adding ginger will enhance the taste further.

I prefer using ghee for my cooking as my lil one is not even an year old. You can use oil as well , depending on your style of cooking.

Raagi flour is also known as nachaani at many places. It’s very healthy for your infants.

Keep watching for more baby foods!! Happy cooking!

For coriander chuttney

Take fifty grams coriander leaves, remove stems and wash thoroughly. Take half green chiily and remove stem. Wash thoroughly. Cumin seeds half tea spoon, ground nut one tbsp. Lemon juice of half a lemon.

Mix all ingredients in mixer grinder.add a little water to it.  Grind well. Add salt to taste


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