Post Pregnancy Belts

Have you recently given birth to your baby? Are you missing your pre-pregnancy body and looking for different ways to flatten your stomach? Post pregnancy belt is your answer. There are various things to consider before buying a maternity ab belt. You won’t get slim and get back your pre-pregnancy body immediately, but this belt surely works magic on your abdominal and has various benefits on you.

What is a postpartum belt?

A postpartum or post pregnancy belt is a wrap around that can be used to tighten the loose belly skin by offering support to your muscles and abdominal organs. It helps in Pushing the organs back together in place. This post pregnancy belt is also known as post maternity ab belt. Day by day they are becoming trendy. Many products of Post pregnancy belts are available in Market today.

The various types of post-pregnancy girdles are as follow:

  1. Zipper style belt:

    This type of belt comes with a zip either on the front side or the back side. Mostly it is more relaxed and comfortable to choose a belt with a front zipper so that you can quickly open and close the zip whenever required.

  2.  Corset style belt:

    They are very safe to use as made up of medical grade material and provides the best support to your body. It has snaps or bonding enclosure for proper fitting

  3. Wrap style:

    It wraps the midsection and fastens the back

  4. Pull up style belt:

    As the name suggests, it is just like high waist underwear. It provides good support to your abdominal. However, it is adviced to concern the doctor before trying this type of belt.

Post pregnancy belts are safe to use after normal delivery and also C-Section. However, there are few safety tips to consider before using it

  1. Don’t wrap the belt too tight as it may lead to bleeding due to pressure on the uterus
  2. Utmost care should be taken if you had C-Section as it takes at least 6-8 weeks to heal the stitches completely. Be careful while using the pregnancy belt if you had C-Section.
  3. Avoid wearing the belt throughout the day as it will cause skin irritation and rashes
  4. Keep the area dry and clean before wearing the belt to keep the skin fresh and healthy



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