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Being a new parent is a full-time job. A parent has to take care of everything! Right from feeding to bathing to cleaning the baby. They need all the care and warmth during their growth. One of the very frustrating and time-consuming thing after feeding is cleaning up the poop of the baby.

The diapers need changing every one-two hours. In fact, Did you know? An average baby needs 360 diapers per month! Choosing the best diaper for the baby which is comfortable and also safe to use is a very difficult task. With so many brands available in the market along with the different types of baby diapers it becomes a frustrating job!

In the market, two main types of diapers are available – Disposable and reusable (Cloth-type). The disposed type is very convenient and easy to use which makes it preferable but on the other side, Cloth type is more comfortable for baby and is cheaper than the disposed type.

The best brands are Mamypoko pants, Huggies, Pampers, Himalaya, Snuggles, etc. There many benefits of using baby diapers.

The most important one is it saves time and energy! What more can a new parent ask other than little time for relaxing? The disposable types are easy to use and safe for baby’s skin. Also, it is very important to use baby wipes to prevent the rashes on the skin. There are so many baby wipes products available in the market

Comfortable: Baby feels more comfortable in diapers especially during winters! If you don’t use diapers, they might catch a cold if they remain in the wet cloth for a long time. This is the reason, one use diapers whenever they can!

Cloth diapers are good for the environment. Plus they come in many different designs and colors and prints. With cloth diapers, you can avoid diaper rashes and can also save lots of money. So there were the few benefits of using diapers.


There are various factors to be considered before buying a baby diaper:

  1. What type is more comfortable: Out of the many types like – cloth type, Contour diapers, Pocket diaper, etc you need to select one that you feel will for most comfortable for you and your little.
  2. Material use: Always check that your baby is not allergic to the material used in diapers. Go for the one which has safe material and free from chemicals.
  3. Extra absorbent layer: If you go for the disposable type diaper than check for extra absorbent layer especially when you are traveling. So that you don’t need to change the diaper every two hours.
  4. Additional features: Check for wetness indicator diapers so that you know when to change the diaper. Look out for the stretch side and cutout for the newborn baby.

If you are a new parent and want to buy diapers for your baby here are the different diaper products and types of diapers that you can select from for your little one. Parent is concern about the safety and health of the baby and it is very important to choose the BEST for the little bundle of happiness!


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