Minimalist Approach

Today the world has become greedy, we are producing generations who are getting everything served on their platter. The problem with this kind of upbringing is; they are never going to understand the efforts put behind achieving this lifestyle. And unless one appreciates the efforts one is never going to value things. For them the real world things are not associated with the value in terms of necessities they serve but the luxury they add. Take an example here of say a watch. When your kid owns one single watch it is necessity for him but when the same kid has watches of different makes and brands it’s definitely going to loose it’s purpose of showing the time.

Earlier in my school time (the eighties to nineties period), the world was different. We were taught- to value time and money. The parents were different and so were the children. A minimalist approach was used in upbringing. An approach where only the necessities were met, leaving no room for ponderous demands. As we go on accumulating things that are not needed we are not adding values to our lives but actually losing the value. When we are in the mode of accumulation we tend to forget to live. The advantage of minimalism is it gives us more time, money and energy to start living every moment. The monetary saving we have by going minimal can help us pursue our real passions – to explore, travel or attempt sports we have been longing to do.

We must engage ourselves in setting as an example for our next generations by living the minimal way.

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