Yummy and nutritious Porridge Shake

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I am happy to come up with this yummy nutritious shake. I started off with a porridge for my lil one but ended up with an innovative shake. To know more keep reading.


Wheat daliya one small bowl, ghee two tbspn, cardamom powder (3,4), jaggery one small bowl , water one n a half glass, milk one glass, fruits : mango, pear, Apple, chikoo ( half piece each).

Method of preparation:


  •  For Porridge:

Heat ghee in a pressure cooker on low flame. Add wheat daliya n stir till golden brown. very sweet aroma indicates proper roasting. Add water to it n pressure cook for twenty minutes. Open cooker after it cools down. Add jaggery and stir slowly till it melts. Put off the flame. Pour the porridge in bowl and put it to cool.


Wash all the fruits, peel if you want

and cut them in very small pieces. Add the fruit bowl to porridge and refrigerate for twenty minutes.

Fruit porridge is ready to serve. Your lilltle one is definitely going to love it. For still smaller babies, toddlers you can make porridge shake.


  • For shake:

In a blender add the fruit porridge and milk. Quantity of milk can be varied depending on age of your little one. Turn on the mixer for three minutes to blend porridge mixture in to a shake.



Never add citrus fruits like orange , kiwi etc in porridge for preparing shake. It might turn shake sour.

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