Stages of pregnancy: Pregnancy week 20!

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful joys in a women’s life. A normal pregnancy usually lasts for 37 to 42 weeks. While in the 20th week of pregnancy i.e. the end of fifth month, the mother’s stomach starts to show. Pregnancy week 20 is half the journey completed in the duration of 40 week pregnancy.

As a mother, you may notice several changes in your body and in your health. There is an increase in the pulse rate of about 10-15 beats per minute. You may also complain about bleeding gums. Hence do remember to visit a dentist. Some mothers feel their lungs getting cramped and hence complain of breathing problems. Abdominal itching is common during this point in pregnancy. Constipation and bloating too may be a common. From the 20th week onwards, the doctor regularly measures the belly to know about the baby’s growth and development.

Baby’s brain starts to develop in this week. The baby’s nostrils open up and the nose and the ears are more defined. A baby can actually have some breathing movements which can be checked and seen on ultrasound. The baby’s colon begins to develop further and grow upward. The baby begins to produce its own supply of insulin now. The baby is practicing breathing on a regular basis. Now, baby’s head becomes more proportional to the rest of the body. The skin too starts developing. The surface of the baby’s skin now has four layers.

Usually, the weight of the baby is approximately 285 grams. Many mothers have an ultrasound done at week 20 which may be the first exciting look at ones baby. Many mothers also start buying pregnancy clothes during this time. After all it is a time to rejoice and relax!

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