Writing an essay

Essay writing is an art however most of the children are not comfortable when they are told to write an essay. As Parents this is what you can do to help hem write good essays and develop their language capabilities.

·Good essay writing is achieved by practice. Hence the more your kid writes the better he becomes at it. Some of the tips for writing essays can indeed be helpful. They can be found on the internet. It is also important to be clear on the subject so that one can write about it with adequate knowledge.

Ask your kids questions that are relating to the easy. This will help him think of new points for the same. Clear conclusion is a must. Hence encourage your child to develop opinions on certain topics

·Subscribe for a children’s newspaper. This will encourage reading habits that will in turn help your child to develop his language. Essay writing help can also be provided by school teachers and essay guide books. In fact participating in essay writing contests and competitions will help your kid to build confidence about writing on any topic.

·Encourage your kid to develop his or her own ideas. I have seen children actually mugging up essays! This should be strictly avoided because the whole purpose of writing an essay becomes meaningless. Most of the kids start with the same old clichéd lines while writing an essay. Encourage their own fresh ideas. This will develop their imagination.

·Tell your child about different types of essays such the descriptive style, argumentative style, persuasive style, informational etc.

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