Healthy Food for children

It is pretty obvious that our health depends on the kind of food we gulp down our throats. In fact, science has proven a relationship between the type of food we eat and our emotionality. Not only that, some spiritual masters have been even quoted as saying “The definite result of an action by a child can also be the result of an emotion with which the food is cooked by a mother”. So, if you are a house-wife and have kids, cook with delight and not with any anger, frustration or hatred.

Now, it might be that you as a mother would be keeping busy all day long with all the house work. Sometimes, you might wish to escape the chaos of cooking meals for your family as the work might be burdensome for you. Children would be asking you to cook some tasty delicious food every other day and you would like to have some time off for yourself. However, you would not be able to take some time off for your self as you would be having children to look after. Even you would want to have a healthy life for yourself while parenting your children to have a healthy life for themselves. So, how do you find time for your self and even do all the chores without much trouble?

Here is a solution:

Keep a list of Indian recipes that you think would be quick enough to cook effortlessly. Certain recipes can be very quick enough to cook.

You can even choose to cook recipes that do not require too much time to look after it while it’s on the burner or in the oven/fridge.

If you have older children, then you can show them how to cook certain recipes without taking your help.

Have a variety of recipes in your lists as cooking the same food over and over again could attract irritation from your children.

You can even keep half-baked food for dinner while cooking lunch in the morning.

Make a note of whats healthy for your children and what’s not. Also make a note of what your children like and what they don’t.

One thing has to be noted. If you want your children to stay healthy, you must only cook food that nourishes your child completely. Cooking fast food all the time cannot be a good idea all the time as fast food cannot enable your child to stay healthy all the time. Its better to have a variety of foods.

Finally, the moral is cook healthy food with healthy emotions as well as stay healthy all the time by giving some time to your own health as well. Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!

Life is Easy. Take it Easy.

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