Coloring pages for children

A life of a child is meant to be colourful. Let them colour away and ignore the mess and scribbling. Ideally draw an outline and teach them to paint inside. This gives them an idea and slowly they learn to colour, form shapes and get into free hand drawing. Teach them colours and let them associate the same with a blue sky, orange clown fish and brown chocolate cake.

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Halloween coloring pages is enjoyed by kids. Be it the pumpkin dress or a cat outfit complete with whiskers and head cap, kids love the party treats with Halloween’s ghostly cakes and skeleton candies. Make this Halloween memorable by presenting them with special Halloween colouring pages..

Ghosts excite children and one could choose patterns in weird shapes to add more effect to the ghostly feeling. Make a kite or an unfinished rhombus shape and let them colour the ghosts and ghouls inside. Draw a huge cake and let them top the icing with a ghost or a skeleton. Draw a lollipop with a transparent ghost as magic painting. Use a crazy spider colour page or a shriveled cat. Use the dancing skeleton and stick along other Halloween pictures with the same. Buy a range of colours, let the outline be in fluorescent colour and a sketch pen. Teach them the effect of a sketch pen and water colour paint. Let them mix poster colours in a dish. Let them colour a scarecrow, Dracula or the Halloween costumes.

If you wish to teach your child to recognize numbers, get creative with join-the-dot patterns. One could make a ghostly dog, witches hat or a witch zipping in a broom. Let the children scream out loud for the number and the final result will excite them more. Lanterns are common during Halloween and let them colour away the eyes and eyelids in different colours. They could add further colour to the lips and cheeks. The picture could be a pumpkin or a cat or a Frankenstein monster.

Painting and colouring a bat will surely excite them. Introduce them to a vulture or a hawk at the same time and let them colour the same. Colouring sheets should be of durable variety and choose the floor to colour away. Teach them to clear up the place after finishing. Give them a mop or a cloth to dab away the spill overs. Let them use Halloween colouring pages as a zombie, skeleton, a strange cat or even a haunted house.

Pumpkin coloring pages are amazing with its range in facial patterns and shapes. Choose a goblin colouring page and also the dinosaur. Wizards and witches are the kids all time favourite and what is continuous is their enthusiasm and the flow of colours.

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