Teaching Hindi to kids

It is commonly said how the rich culture and heritage of our country is slowly dying because of western influence and western style of education.  India is a land of so many beautiful languages, like a rainbow of different colour and yet we are dissolving this rainbow by not preserving and passing on to our generation – the richness of our languages and literature. Some people in urban cities of the country look down on people who cannot communicate in English. One of the languages which has so beautifully emerged from the rich language Sanskrit is Hindi and this language has went on to become the national language of India. Today, Hindi is spoken by more than 600 million people and when spoken it almost makes you feel as if one is flowering pearls on to you!

As parents, it is essential that you teach your child different languages, especially Hindi because it is our national language. Your child may go to school and learn Hindi but create an environment at home also so that your child can enjoy and enrich through Hindi. Buy him various story books in Hindi through which he or she can master the language and learn new words. Make him or her listen to different Hindi poems from famous writers like Harivanshrai Bachchan, Mirabai, Sant Kabir, Premchand etc.

It is the language Hindi that has been one of the factors that binds our diverse country together. Many people feel that Hindi belongs to the people of North India and thus it should not be the national language but the fact is that this language has prevailed since many years now and it is in our own interest that we celebrate and cherish the language rather than fighting over it!

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