Is your child over active?

Many mothers complain that their child is hyperactive and that he doesn’t stand still. He is always upto some mischief or prank. Parents find it difficult to take these parents to out to restaurants and parks because they often feel embarrassed by their child’s actions. While some believe that children should be given the freedom to do what they want especially jumping around places and being over active, others suggest that decency, mannerism and discipline should be inculcated in children at an early age. 

While parents cannot expect their child to be quiet and disciplined all the time, otherwise they will lose the essence of their childhood, it is also important that you tactfully tell your child about certain actions that can get embarrassing or intolerable.

Children who run about and are loud in their actions are not ‘bad’. It is just that they want to get noticed and gain attention or simply, they are just by themselves enjoying. So as parents do you tolerate their behavior or do you enforce strict discipline in them? Where should you draw the line?  As parents all you need to do is diverse or transgress this extra energy that your child has into something productive, something constructive. You can enroll your child for karate classes, dance classes or even athletics where your child gets a chance to showcase his great amount of energy which becomes an advantage for him. Simultaneously, you can tell your child about different social behaviors that are expected in social settings and how his behavior can affect his personality. Slowly and steadily your child will learn. It is just a matter of patience and training.

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