There is no substitute for hard work

Now-a-days there are many people who have introduced the concept of ‘smart work’ rather than ‘hard work’. Though in certain situations it is true that smart work helps but the age old saying that ‘there is no substitute for hard work’ remains applicable even today.  It is hard work that leads a child to attain knowledge and perform well. Be it his hobby, his passion or his academic, without hard work, the fruits of success are far away. There are so many people who have brilliant ideas but because of laziness they do not execute their ideas and thus lose out on so many opportunities. Hence, hard work is important than just ideating!

For example, many children love mountain climbing and trekking bur untill and unless your child will go for treks getting up early in the morning, he will not realize his passion.  Some other children; like some adults are planners – they will plan a lot of things but will never implement those plans. Here also, hard work is needed to achieve and realize those plans. As parents, it is necessary to constantly motivate your child to work hard and perform better in any stream that they are working in. Children need to be given lessons about the importance of hard  work in their life so that as adults they will continue treading on the path of success.

It is rigorous perseverance and consistent performance that leads a child to be on top over others. Like it is said – untill you burn the midnight oil, you may not come out with flying colours!



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