Teaching Children to Respect their Possessions

One of the common problems faced by parents is non-respect shown by kids to their possessions. I think, many of you must have few things to share about in this matter. Remember, giving a toy or drawing tool or wrist watch or cricket bat or things like that to your child and he or she missing, breaking or forgetting it after few days. Many parents don’t give this fact a thought and take it as a normal behavioral pattern by kids but that’s not the right approach. Its parents’ job to instill the element of respect in child for his possessions. Don’t just resign to this fact that a child is supposed to spoil things.


Some parents react in a different way. They lose temper and threaten children with unfavorable consequences in case they misplace their belongings. The other normal reaction is giving lectures to the child for his mistakes. Well, we cannot really expect kids to be responsible from the very beginning but at the same time this is one trait we can instill in them as they grow older. Don’t begin this process in teenage. Rather, go for it at a very young age.

In today’s times, instilling the value of possessions and money has acquired greater significance. The spending power has increased and children are prone to demanding new things. But parents must be very careful in dealing with such situations. The process of his value addition should be started early. But make sure not to expect quick fire results initially. Any process takes time. A kid must go through the learning process and with the passage of time they will be able to improve upon their profligacy. Also try to present your own example by behaving in a desirable way.

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