Teaching Manners to Children

Manners are very important not only for a child but for adults as well. Many of us must have experiences to share about the contribution of good manners in our success. Manners don’t develop all of a sudden. It is instilled from the childhood. Its responsibility of parents to teach basic manners to the child. These manners go a long way in determining future of the child.


Finding ill-mannered children in our vicinity is a common affair for many of the parents. Imagine you visiting someone and feeling terrible about the bad behavior of the kids over there! No, we can’t really blame children for the lack of manners. The complete responsibility lies with the parents. It’s their job to teach the basic manners so that child can grow to become a responsible and well behaved citizen. It should be remembered that a person is known by his social skills. 


Many parents take a different approach. They send their kids to etiquette class where child learns to talk, eat and similar social skills. But parents should remember that no one teaches manners better than what they do! The process must begin at home. Teaching manners can be begun when a child starts speaking. Start with greeting lesson. Teach the kid how to greet someone in case he visits someone or someone else comes visiting to his home. It can be done in several ways like saying Hi, Namaste, touching feet or simple handshake. It depends as per the situation and relationship.


Children are prone to interruptions while you speak. So explain them, how to wait for his turn or how to be patient while listening. Make sure to do it in a calm way. Teach the child to say words like please, sorry and Thank you. Finally remember, teaching manner is not a single day job so keep the process going and reap the rich rewards later on.   

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