Influencing Child Behaviour

According to many of us, the first few months of a child’s life play a key role in defining the kind of person he or she would become. This has been proved wrong by scientists in recent times.
The majority of the brain does develop in the early years but its nurturing doesn’t end there. Growth and development continues to happen throughout his or her life. An individual’s brain grows to a maximum limit between the ages of 10-25 years.

We often think why our teenage children have such prompt responses. This is also because of the way their brains work. According to research, teens do not process emotions the way adults do.

Another thing that bothers most parents is their children’s sleep cycle. You keep wondering why your early riser child has completely changed after penetrating into the teen age. This is because the circadian pulse of the brain has changed and adolescents just can’t or don’t want to go to bed before midnight. They sleep when they want to and not when their body demands to. Conceivably, the best thing parents can do here is to encourage a deceleration of activities and keep technology out of their bedrooms.

You as a parent can only help them developing their brain in one way i.e. by your influence, understanding and guidance. Even when your teenager grumbles, bangs the door shut, makes faces, breaks rule, or blasts music, parents should never leave their side and say that they have grown up enough for you to direct them.

Last but not the least; parents should always remember that for helping their children develop into adults they need to give them apposite amounts of independence, freedom and responsibility. And the most important of all they should love them and encourage them to make the right decisions.

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