Reading Tips

readingAs a parent I often used to read to my child when I had time. But the general rule is that we must read to the child when we are relaxed. Children are almost like moulds and their behavior can be set as per our conditioning. Below five kids are very receptive and absorbing like a sponge. The right diction, tone and pronunciation instill in them a listening ability and also reproduce the same in a correct manner.

Teachers in school offer an invaluable service in teaching the child the right way to read English through phonics. This is one way the child enjoys and also feels less burden to understand the dictation process. They split words and hence are able to learn by a play way method.

Kids also love to read while pointing pictures. Find a cozy corner for your child and yourself. Set aside the chores and begin with a mood to enjoy. Teaching is an enriching or rejuvenating experience provided we have the time for the same. It’s an effort worth the time as the child’s vocabulary enhances in this way. Bring them tiny books which are hard bound by which they are able to hold. Toddler books are specially designed.

Many books for toddlers are also designed for bathroom reading. This is an adorable way to inculcate them to read and have fun. Tiny tots per se do not understand reading but love the pictures and colors on the same. Concepts of figures, expressions and shapes can also be taught while reading.

It is almost magical to see your five year old address words, conjunctions and exclamations which had been taught to them in a simple way. They all love reading. As they write make it a point to tell them the word once in a phonetic way and the rest will come with practice. Using a neutral accent is highly important.

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