Playing the numbers game with your children

numberNumbers are great fun for some kids while some others hate numbers to the core. Whatever be your child’s preference, there is no denying to the fact that numbers are going to help your child a great deal. A basic level of math and a comfort with numbers to a certain extent, I believe is a must for kids. Being quick at simple calculations can be a great advantage. You can boost your child’s number crunching ability by constantly pushing him to calculate things mentally than using a calculator. Take him to a grocery store and randomly ask him to add, subtract, multiply and divide the prices marked. When traveling with your child or shopping with him, ask him to calculate the amount you have to pay incase of any purchase you make. It is also important that you put a certain time limit to his calculation so that he speeds up the mental calculation process. Remember that the more he practices, the more comfortable he gets with numbers.

Encourage your child to play with numbers on bus and train tickets. Join him in the process. Use various combinations and add, subtract, multiply and divide all the numbers. Tables are also very important. Try and let your child take by heart tables up to 20. Initially it may seem like an impossible task by revising tables everyday will help your child to remember them easily.

A little inspiration and practice and your involvement with your kids in dealing with numbers and mental calculations will go a long way in sharpening your child’s mathematical ability.

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