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creativeThe best bonding time to choose is when the parent and child are free. This could be a holiday or some weekend activity. Hobbies are meant for honing skills and also making some constructive item which is beneficial to enhance the talent. Children per se do not have any inhibitions or recognize their own talent. They either seem to like everything but surely show interest in one particular talent.

Hobby classes are a wonderful way to expose your child to talents. There are simple ideas to begin with. Coloring class is perfect for small children under 4 as this helps them understand colors, mix colors and produce tiny things from their set of imagination. Going to the next level, help them see and draw or show them a picture. Initially they will not be able to copy the same, but encouragement is a great trick.

Other activities that can be done are like painting a wooden pen holder or a ceramic mug. Make it a point to mention to the child to get independent with any kind of artistic work. Use occasions like family anniversaries or farewell gifts where the child can make a card or a mud toy. These are simple but very encouraging to the child.

Clay moulding and painting is a wonderful activity. The colors are safe and for beginners it is fine to use white flour or maida. The idea is to get their motor skills improving and help them to get into something individual. Hobbies in fine arts like dance or music class are also welcome. Other common hobbies include candle making, gift wrapping, chocolate making, cake making etc.  Playing an instrument is also a great idea. Find a good institute like keyboard or drums who are able to impart training to kids.

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