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Change and knowledge are the constant occurrences in life. Simple tips about parenting are shared with you to just experience the joy of parenting. Parenting does mean a lot of responsibility and that too a moral one. Financially all of us are great planners but parenting is a constant endeavor to adapt. Our infant baby gives us the pleasure that cannot be measured. Changing diapers, choosing a rocking chair, the first prattle is all a contemplated effort.

Stress needs to be channelsied in an effective manner and the emphasis should also be on ‘me time’. Parenting means organizing life in the sense sharing chores and also making time to understand the growing needs of your child. For all parents, the camera is the biggest discovery and this helps us to reminisce the time spent with the infant, toddler and teenager who is your child. Capture all special, casual and very important moments of your child.

Make time during special days like a birthday, occasion or a casual garden party. Children copy their role models and the love their parents. Care givers too influence them in many ways. Teach them to bond and respect teachers, grand parents and their friends. For a teenager the world is complete with their circle of friends. We can stand with them as a guide when they find the path cumbersome.

Exposing children to hobbies is an excellent way to understand their hidden potential and also burn their excess energy. Many parents complain that their child is fidgety or going towards being aggressive. But the truth is that they need to expend their energy in form of casual play or an organized sports activity.

The role of a parent is a collective responsibility and we must all remember that parenting too requires learning new skills. Do share with us your tips on parenting and the tips your have applied in effectively communicating with your child.

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