Punishment for Discipline

punishmentDiscipline plays such a crucial role in everyone’s life. So how could children remain untouched by this great virtue? If parents can manage to ingrain element of discipline in child right from the very beginning, things could be very rosy for child as he grows older. It is job of the parents to use every method in the book to instill value of discipline in child. Discipline also plays a role in getting the child behave in a way that is acceptable to others. Freedom does not mean misusing it and crossing the limits. Many a times, parents resort to punishment as a tool to direct child towards the right path. And if used properly, punishment is not really a bad thing. Parents must check whether the child is behaving accordingly. Corrective methods must be employed to discipline child if that is he call of the hour.

Parents need to ensure that they are being consistent while behaving with child. There should not any extreme measure. By extreme, we refer to extreme protectiveness or punishment. Balance must be maintained. Parents should not overindulge in strictness and punishment because that an lead to different kinds of complications. All the senior members of the family must be in sync with each other and contradictory opinions must be avoided because that can confuse child as what is exactly expected of him.

Don’t just punish child all of a sudden. Give him a warning or reminder before actually taking the stern step. Threats are rendered meaningless if follow up actions is not taken. Occasional tantrums or bedwetting should be punished. Parents should also avoid punishing kids for accidental mishaps. Just tell him to be more careful next time. Use non verbal communication for minor misdeeds. Finally, don’t take severe actions.

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