Let go

One suddenly starts to become anxious once we become parents. Though natural and also the first phase of parenting, overdoing a skill will certainly create problems. Protecting the infant is almost instinctive and we want the child’s comfort as per our foremost priority. This is a form of growth for parents to gain more maturity in any situation and also a milestone achievement for our little one.

The thing of babies is their natural tendency. They overgrow their diaper size, turn around, shake their head and try holding things with a stronger grip. ‘Letting go’ is also a new thing a parent learns while parenting. Often parents complain that the child is still not turning over or is still not sitting. But then each child has his or her set pattern in doing things.

Dual feelings are created in a parents mind. A loving mother would love to hold the child’s hand and walk on the road and also complain when she does not feed herself. Milestones in a child cannot be compared. We as individuals are blessed with different skill sets. A sibling may have different inclinations or talents and we may not be able to share the same capacity.

Help the child in creating their own individuality by helping them to choose a pair of socks to go along with the shoe or dress. Let the girls go on and mix n match and do not show your disapproval each time. Kids love praises and in case the combination is weird gently suggest them mildly. It helps a teenager if you could encourage positive thinking,  praise their initiative skill or the value of their time management ability.

Letting go also means to create space for our children and a bit for ourselves too.

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