Outdoor games for the toddler


Kids love to be outdoors. Childhood is about getting dirty in the mud and also participating in pure fun games. Cultivating a daily routine of taking the toddler for a walk is the best way to build a habit. Kids do not demarcate and easily bond with other kids. Boys are tough and girls are gentle does not hold good any more. Let kids bond freely.


The place can be a play area in your colony or a nearby playground. Urban concrete jungles are growing and there is a constant dearth of vast play grounds. Still an effort has to be initiated from our side. There is great fun in  hide and seek and also running games. Let the kids enjoy the dog and bone game and go for  the lock and key winning.


As toddlers are constantly exploring, they initially do not understand any logic or participating in teams. Let them play freely and be merry. Activity of any kind is essential for blood circulation and whetting their appetite. This also makes them aware of public behavior and functioning with other kids. Occasional tantrums or outbursts will be but natural. But this is their first step towards becoming self dependent.


Games also mean that kids may fall or clash with each other. First aid should be ready and parents can always supervise the kids. Another fun idea would be inventing games for kids. Mother and child games are very interesting. There can be in house games for the monsoon months or when the winter is harsh. This can be done in a protected area where kids can run unhindered. Let them have fun with the lemon and spoon race or the sack race. This also helps them understand the sports that they will be exposed too in the school.


Fresh air and bonding is both vital for a child. Actually this is also a great time for mothers to make new friends. Motherhood is quite similar and it can be a learning experience to share and bond with other women. As kids get older, one can enroll them in summer camps with reputed sports clubs which will also locate their area of specific interest. Squash, long tennis, roller skating and athletics are a few choices here.

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