Teaching Chess to Children…

Chess is a game that can mould children into thinking, making decisions and strategizing. Moreover, it is one of the indoor sports that can de-stress and relax kids from their usual mundane homework times! Moreover, research has shown that students who play chess have stronger and significantly better developed memory than those who do not play the game.
While playing chess, your kid can learn the art of 360 degree thinking. He can solve the problem thinking about all the opportunities available to him. Chess is known to increase focus and concentration level. Encourage your child to play chess with someone who already knows to play the game and do not let it lose just because he is a kid.
Chess is a game that helps to develop patience because it demands slow strategic thinking. It also encourages your child to pay attention for longer span of time.
In India, Chess as a game is not encouraged as much as it is in other countries. Chess is a part of the curriculum and students are made to play all kinds of games; one of which is Chess. There may be parents who are not well versed with the game but want their kid to learn it. As parents you can read up on the game and ask someone to help you. You can also enroll your child for chess classes and training that take place at gymkhanas and sports clubs.

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