Teenage problems


Teenage problems are much deeper than hair style and acne. Teens are in  a complex stage and they are suddenly exposed to a lot of issues. They are aware of their responsibilities, the world around and also their limitations. What we convey as rules is seen as restrictions by them.


Adolescents brings about a lot of physical changes and fluctuating hormones. They have a keen desire towards dress sense and are attracted towards glamour. As parents try to draw a line and pin point a faulty dress sense, they tend to feel caged. Despite all types of bonding and diplomatic handling it is natural that there will be clash of opinions.


Today’s parents are progressive and very adaptive. Giving a free hand can be done in terms of decision making. Ask your teenage son about the latest gizmo and to do a research on the same. This will make him elated and he will produce the finest result. Let your teenage daughter decide on the Diwali saree for you. The radiant smile on your daughters face is a sincere emotion.


Little things make a difference. A game lost in rugby can come out as an outburst at home, when you suggest your son to clean up the room. Your daughter must have had a tiff with her best friend and hence sulking. These are sensitive times for them and need to be understood. Give them space and share your experiences with them.


Teenage is also a time when they get carried away by emotions and material things. Being firm in terms of pocket money, late nights and outings is necessary. Meet their emotions with a sympathetic touch. If you feel the opinions are diverse, just move away from the room. Broach the topic gently next morning and let them realize your point.


Kids love parents at all times. At times parents also need to get out of that overbearing personality. Teenagers are responsible individuals and empowering them will create a better understanding. Times are changing and human behavior too.

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