Lunchbox ideas for your kid

Most parents are worried about what they should put in the lunchboxes that children would like to eat. Mothers also do not want their children to munch on unhealthy snacks and because of that they are confused as to what should be given to their children that is healthy at the same time tasty for children.

Some of the healthy dishes from Indian recipes that can be packed for your child’s lunch box are as follows:

Multi bread corn tofu sandwich: Multigrain bread is extremely nutritious while tofu (low fat paneer) is an excellent source of protein for your little one. You can also add cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, boiled beet in the sandwich if your child likes it.

Raisin, cashew/almond nut and date chocolates: No, you need not go to the market to buy these. If you child refuses to eat nuts which are very healthy, you can do the following. Melt very little chocolate and dip the nuts in melted chocolate, roll the nuts in it. Refrigerate it. Your child will love it as it takes in the aroma of chocolate. This can accompany the sandwich incase your child has two breaks in the school.

Banana and Tutti-fruity dish: Banana is a very good source of calcium. Mix Tutti-fruity along with banana slices and add some rose essence to it. Also add some pineapple and pomegranate to this. It tastes yummy…

Pizza delight: Rather than white flour pizza bread, buy wheat pizza bread that is available in the market these days. It is a healthy option. Put olives, tomatoes and capsicum along with some cheese/ low fat cheese. Your kids will surely love it.

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