For tired mothers

With so much of responsibility that mothers have on their shoulders it is neccesaary that they relax and rejuvenate themselves for greater efficiency. Especially for working mothers, it is true that you need to work round the clock, but relaxation is equally important so that you do not drain and stress yourself. One of the ways for mothers to indulge and relax a bit is a good massage. It would not harm if you go to a parlour once a month and get a good relaxing massage. If not a massage, you can also get a pedicure done. Pedicures are equally relaxing as all the points of the body there in your feet. If you would rather save the money, you can do a pedicure yourself – All you really need is a small tub of hot water, cream and a cleansing agent. Sit back and relax with your feet soaked in the hot water with the cleansing agent. Take them out after around five minutes and scrub your feet with a scrubber. Later, massage the cream in for ten minutes.


Another area is Yoga. There are many yoga classes that have sprung up in the city. Find time for yourself and enjoy a good 20 to 30 minute yoga exercise. It will work wonders. An Indian mother is stuck up between so many duties; it is not surprising that mothers often neglect themselves.

A simple posture correction can also help you to save on energy because slouching drains our energy. It hinders your digestion, respiration and even circulation hence a good posture is essential to keep you fit.


Eating healthy is equally important for mothers as it is for kids. Drinking warm water with a dash of lemon and honey in the morning can do wonders.


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