Building blocks of confidence

In this world of immense competition, parents do not want their child to be shy, introvert and unconfident. But they must understand that confidence is built over time and it needs different steps and skills to be built.


One of the ways to build confidence is not to force your child for things that he doesn’t want to do otherwise but to have patience and understand what your child feels. All humans love praises and recognitions. Whenever your child tells you something that he or she accomplished, appreciate it. This will be the first step towards building confidence especially amongst shy children.


Sometimes, it is important to give due importance to things that you feel are unimportant but to which your child holds importance. Hence, rather than laughing it out, pay attention to what your child says and listen carefully to give appropriate feedback.


Another building block of confidence is to question your child. Instead of losing your temper question your child and ask him/her why he/she did that particular action. Also, listening here isn’t enough. You need to dig deeper to understand what is bothering your child in case there is anything.


Sometimes you should let your child do what he or she wants to do. Rather than preaching him or her everything, encourage your child to think and create. This obviously does not mean that your child is not obeying your instructions but Indian families have been constructed such a way that they give very little scope for the child to think on his own. Children are told everything that they are supposed to do. How will the child’s confidence grow if there no creativity and original thinking?

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