Teens and acnes


Teen aches are more excruciating times for parents. Teens have all the elements wherein they want to do well and keep feeling good. The biggest aspect is physicality and getting into latest trends dictated by fashion. This is also a time for switching hormones and they are in awe of many beauty products that will help them combat their pimples or pigmentation. Teenagers are actually very hard working and in India they realize a lot about being independent.


But as we all have our own priorities, it is a phase in life wherein they feel that it is important to do a bit of beauty and skin. It is highly important to let them feel that they are good looking though actually teenagers can be gawky and also a bit awkward with their mannerisms. It is our duty as parents to correct the way their walk in case they drag their feet or stoop their shoulders. Most of the physical aspects becomes a habit and difficult to break.


Skin rashes and allergies are also high during these years and girls especially feel down under when this happens. Home remedies usually work and mostly mothers tell their daughters to do a bit of home made packs and use a sun protection. Hygiene is the primary concept and is also important for self discipline. They want to look good on the traditional day at college or some important dance show. It is important for parents to let them know what suits them and also gently correct them when they have overdone their make up.


Gifts can also be dependable make up sets or simple chunky jewelry. Let them save for the branded pair of jeans or dungarees but invest in good pair of shoes. Encourage them to go in for a home pedicure (boys and girls) and this can be a regime to ward off blisters and bunions. A simple nail paint on toes does much to their confidence. The next phase when they embark on the careers will definitely be based on their development during the teen years. Bond and a be a good friend to your teenage son or daughter.


Please let me have your inputs especially from parents who can narrate instances that can be an example to learn from.







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