Individuality in Twin Children

Having a baby brings a lot of joy to the family, especially to the parents, and when it’s twins, the joy is doubled. However, the responsibility also increases since now you have to take care of not one but two babies.

It is very important for parents to help their children develop individually and become independent from each other, especially if they are twins. Living in the same atmosphere and dressing identically makes twins dependent on each other. It is important for them to become separate people with individual identities. There are a couple of things parents can do to ensure that their children develop a personality different from their sibling.

First of all, every parent should make sure that their twin children are not named identically. They should have distinctive names. However, if the children are already named similarly, they should be given completely different pet names to lessen the confusion.

Most parents usually dress their infant twins alike. However, this shouldn’t be continued after the infant period. Parents should make sure that their children dress distinctly because wearing identical clothes makes it more difficult for people to recognize them individually. Even if their wardrobe consists of similar clothes, they shouldn’t wear them together. Also they should be given separate cupboards. This would make them recognize them self as different from their twin.

Twin children should be given separate toys so that they identify themselves as different individual from their sibling. They understand the meaning of ownership before learning how to share their belongings. Parents should avoid referring to them as twins and instead use their respective names. This helps them learn who they are.

It is not necessary to implement these suggestions all at the same time. You can take them up step by step. These small things hold a lot of importance in developing your child’s individual character.

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