Baby photos

Memories make life memorable. The days of maternity are filled with hope, curiosity and satisfaction of finding a full life. Investing in a good digital camera is recommended to get the best of life and happenings. New born babies are extremely sensitive to color and flash lights can be dangerous for them and hence invest in a camera that also allows you to shoot the ongoing safely. The joy of watching it in the retro times especially after the 5th birthday will be truly special.

Get the child in the best outfits and do not wait for Haloween to explore the fancy items. Make your own Hawaiin dress for the Hulu dancer with flowers et al and watch the fun through the camera. Cute baby pictures are fun if loaded on the net. This is a sure treat for grandparents who love to see their tiny tots in a special performance. As kids grow they diversify their talents into stage performance.

Capture the moment your child held her first rattle or get the scene right when she plomped on the high chair. Strolls on the pram and the child witnessing the first rain seem marvelous. Cute babies photos are precious and it is important to save them with technology or printed ones need special care in dusting. Photo albums require supervision as they usually stick if unattended to.

High end print outs of a family outing, casual innocent pose of your 9 month old are great decors for your living room. Make a chart of the same that is also a slam book. Load the pics on the net and this can be privatized to disallow public view. Use the photos as a treat to watch it as your child goes on with her or his higher studies. The first pig tail, the prom gown and the new hair cut are memories that money cannot buy.

Let your son admire his own photograph which was clicked amateurly by you during his toddler times. The toothless smile, the cock eyed glance and the budding mustache during his adolescence will be a great reminder of the love and care you expressed and one day he will be showing the same to his progeny.

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