Helping overweight teenager

Obesity has become a worldwide problem issue. Children in particular are getting afflicted with this menace. Often teenagers face this problem that causes them to lose self-esteem and face peer pressure. Some kids are quite fit whereas some are always struggling with this issue. Exercise is one way out of it but even there it demands consistency and hard work. Many obese teenagers quickly quit gym and that is never going to help. Parents’ role in such situation is very crucial. The most important thing for parents is never ever to make fun of the child in public places. Calling them fatty or chubby etc is not going to help. Don’t make them an object of public amusement. Parents must be very sensitive towards these things. They should try to understand the reasons instead of pushing the kid too far.


Second important thing for parents should be to maintain a balanced diet for the obese teenager. No point pushing them on a crash diet without any qualified consultation. Do it in a subtle way. Like cutting down on sweets or junk food should be done in a proper way. Don’t make it a big fuss. Parents should also lead by example. They can’t just munch on oily foods themselves and ask kid to eat boiled food. Do not tempt the teenager. Parent’s themselves should follow a strict eating schedule. This will serve as a example for the kids. If parents are health conscious then children are bound to learn this art as well. Physical fitness should be a priority for whole family and not just for obese teenager.


Finally, encourage the child to play sports or join a gym. Make sure they don’t leave sport or health club mid way. Inspire them and keep motivating them by setting precedent.


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