Helping Your Child Manage Peer Pressure During Teens and Pre-teens!

As children grow up, they want themselves to be completely accepted by their parents, society, siblings, relatives and friends. They try to meet everyone’s expectations. This creates a lot of stress and tensions within their mind. Children during their pre-teens and teens make a lot of effort make themselves a good part of society.


Children, especially during their pre-teens, are very enthusiastic about life. They seek to grow and become big established individuals. They are at a stage when they don’t know anything about life but are desperately wanting to know what life is all about. They certainly have a lot of questions and require someone who can tell them what life is all about.


A teenagers friends, especially, force the teenager to act and behave the way most teenagers find it right to behave. They try to act in ways that is contrary to their nature. It leads to a confusion in the mind of the teenager. The confusion makes the teenager feels lost and finds him/her self in a mess which is difficult to resolve.


During the teenage years, the young teenager finds himself in a pool of tough competition and competition demands them to be the best. When they cannot meet the competition, they break down severely. That is the time when they require someone to guide them through their way. They require someone who they can talk openly to about their feelings, questions, confusions and desires.


The ideal way to make a pre-teenage child or even a teenager handle peer pressure is by letting him/her express feelings, thoughts, etc in front of the parent. A parent must eagerly listen to the child without making any judgments and conclusions. Help the child analyze the situation and make him believe that they can handle peer pressure very well. Teach the child how to respond to Make them listen to their own heart and believe in their own self rather than they start listening to what their friends say about them and do what others ask of them. This is the best way to help a child overcome peer pressure.

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