Hardworking children

Many parents encourage their children to study and work hard. However, the measure of how hardworking your child is; is what the question that needs attention. There are parents who complain that my child is very hard working but his hard work does not turn into good results. Others complain that my little one keeps working for hours but remembers nothing during exams.

It is important that parents inculcate values of hard work in children, but along with that it is also important that parents teach children how to work smart which means that parents ought to teach their child where is he or she putting in efforts and where he or she does not need to put in that kind of efforts. Prioritization is another important virtue. For example, your child has two exams on the same day – English and mathematics and you know that your child is weak in math then one needs to understand that more hours of work needs to be devoted to subjects or topics in Math rather than learning English which can be dealt with later.

Many students also have the habit of sitting with their books open and imagining something else. Here, parents feel that the child is working hard but actually he is only wasting time. If a student finds a topic difficult than rather than cracking your brains over it for hours, he can take help of someone who knows that topic well, this way your child can save time and work effectively.  

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