Bumblebee store – For infant nurserys and kids rooms.

Bumblebee is a one-stop-shop for Furnishings and co ordinated accessories like lamps, rugs, drawer knobs, picture frames etc for infant nurserys and kids rooms.
We also provide services like interior design consultation, custom made furniture like cots, changing tables, single and double beds etc.
We have a baby shower gift registry service where expectant moms can leave a list of the products she would like and friends/family can gift them to her.
We have a vast range of infant clothes,books and beautiful gift sets for new borns.
We also custom make personalised canvas wall hangings, alphabets,towels,cushions etc which are perfect for birthday return gifts.
All Our products are  tested to comply with international safety standards.
We have an online shopping website and we deliver anywhere within India. Check us out  : http://www.bumblebeestore.in/

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