Dealing with Negative Emotions

There may be many instances in your child’s life where he or she encounters negative thoughts and eventually negative emotions. Each person goes through a period where he or she may not feel very good about themselves. At this time, what is the role of parents? Let your child accept these emotions. If your child is experiencing pain, let him believe that that is what is happening to him. Accepting negative emotions is only the beginning. Children also have to learn how to let emotions go.  If your child wants to cry, let him. This will give your child a let out. However, encourage him to move on as well. One of the ways to do this is to engage your child in any activity. In case your child’s mind is not stable, meditation can help. It will help him or her to relax and deal with the emotions.

Also, encourage your child to speak to more friends. Avoid keeping him alone. Loneliness often provokes the person to get nostalgic and this can affect your child.

If it is anger that your child needs to deal with then yoga and meditation are the only answers. This will help the mind to relax. Also, things like doing some social work or engraining in a developmental activity can help your child to get rid of anger or frustration. It is all in the mind like it is said. Though dealing with this magical yet maniacal mind is complex, it is indeed not complicated.

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