Child development

Parenting is an enfolding experience. Just as we master the art of cracking the right proportions of mixing the porridge for our child, something new and challenging comes up. As a parent our task is NEVER to give up on things that our child is hesitant to try. The development of our child is directly related to the kind of personality we portray.


Just as today, I wanted my baby to wear some earrings and she pointed out. ‘ Mom you rarely wear them.’. So corrections here are necessary. A child has to grow physically and mentally. Many parents fret that their child is lagging behind in terms of conversational skills or does not really like to mix around with others. The only answer is creating opportunities to socialize. It is strange that when children who are total strangers meet inside a play park they interact and confide in each other as if they have known each other for years.


Development happens with stimulation and also repetition. In case the child has not picked up a particular activity like athletics or football in school like your neighbors child then it is just fine. Invest in a lot of time and counsel the child about exceeding. Pressurizing can very well be substituted with gentle talks. Some kids love water but they may be petrified of learning to swim. Here it is important to tell them in a child like manner about the benefits of swimming like great muscle, more strength … and this really works.


Giving up on a particular feat will make the child habituated to find alternatives. This can also make the child disinterested very soon in activities and will affect his or her growth. Exposing the child to varied opportunities under good guidance will ensure to activate the latent interest. Talent is present in all children and waiting to be stimulated.


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