Good Parenting Habits : Do u have it in you ?

Parenting is a task that requires considerable patience and sense of responsibility because the ideas and emotions inculcated into a child at a young age influences them throughout their adult life. There is no one straight answer to what parenting is about, as it is serial of trials and errors through which you groom your child to face life ahead of them.

Parenting begin with identification about your child’s personality, the child’s positive traits and the child negative traits so that you can find out ways to bring out their positive traits and show them how to handle their negative one. Let’s take an example here. If your child did something very intelligent, creative or something that really touched your heart, the first thing to do, is to appreciate it.



By doing this you are teaching your child what good behavior is and you are telling them that they are doing something which is expected out of them. On the other hand, if your child throws a tantrum, you need to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong, but not without losing heart or your patience. In such situations instead of shouting back at the child, you should leave the room and have a strong talk with you child, after he or she has cooled down.



One area where parents find difficult is being able to say no to their child, when they cry for things like toys, ice-creams and other forms of indulgence. You need to say ‘no’ to make them aware that they should not ask for such things all the time, but a stern ‘no’, without scolding is required, even if the child is persistently crying.


One of the best ways to bring out a child’s better side is to make them do creative things such as learning craft, singing, playing piano, coloring and so on. Such activities give them positive energy and concentration and they do well in school too. Children grow based on the level of importance that you give them. In today’s world parents have hectic schedules, but at the same time they should make way to spend quality time with your child.
You are your child’ role model and your child will learn from your every move.


Children with behavioural problem or children who have difficulty socializing with others or children have too many complexes, have such issues because they don’t get enough attention, affection and guidance from their parents. If you set an example for your child through the way in which you handle yourself, your problems and the things around you, you child will follow suit.


The result of good parenting is a child who grows up to be a responsible adult. This can happen only when a child is taught to take on responsibilities, in a causal way. For example, praising you child when he or she clean up their room or asking them to come shopping with you or help you dry the dishes, are all ways by which they are made to feel valuable because they are helping out and doing the right thing. As they grow, such responsible tendencies will come automatically from them.

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