Top Doctrines a Good Parent Should Know

No one on this earth can claim to be the best parent .Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, being a good parent also depends on your understanding of what constitutes good parenting. However, there are certain top principles a good parent should know. Below we discuss some of these principles.



* Watching over your actions


Children always learn from their parents. If you don’t take care of your health properly or if you do things that set a bad example, beware that your children are learning and copying your actions. Always be aware that what you do matters a lot.



* Love doesn’t spoil


I have heard people say that mothers spoil their children by showing them too much love. It’s not possible to spoil children with love. Instead, parents spoil children by offering other things like clemency and material possessions in place of love.



* Get drawn into your Childs life


Don’t let your work make you abandon your child. Rearrange your priorities to make sure that there is space and time for your child. Sometimes it’s good to sacrifice certain things in your life to get involved with your child. It makes you access the development of your child.



* Let your parenting style fit into your child


Keep track of your child in terms of intellectual development. Your child is always growing thus you need to consider and appreciate how age is contributing to your child’s behaviour.



* Institute a set of rules


The rules you set up and implement will have a huge impact on the future of your child in terms of self management when you are gone. Rules which make them do certain things on their own will help them manage themselves in future.



* Cultivate a sense of independence


It’s good to encourage and cultivate a form of independence in your child. It helps them learn and develop a sense of self-direction and control. Don’t misinterpret your child’s seeking of independence for disobedience. It’s a part of human nature to seek independence.



* Be consistent in your actions


A good parent is that one who shows consistency with his/her rules. It’s important to realize that you’re most important disciplinary tool is your consistency and thus enforcing discipline intermittently will result into misbehaviour by a child.



* Steer clear of cruel discipline


Parents should avoid beating and hitting children whatever the circumstances. Children who are beaten when still young tend to carry that behavior. They are more prone to fight and always act with violence to solve disputes with others. There are better ways of disciplining children that work far much better than spanking.



* Explain your rules and decisions


Let a child know why you have taken certain steps. Sometimes parents assume that the level of reasoning is the same. Adolescents and infants generally understand differently. Children don’t have the capacity to reason certain things on their own.



* Respect your children


There is a simple saying that, if you respect, you are also respected. Treat your child with the same respect that you give to others and your child will also respect you. Listen to their side of the story and speak politely to them. The way your child will relate to the outside world depends on how you relate with him or her.

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