Child health & Insurance

Children are the future of families and nations and ensuring their good health, growth and development is the top priority of in all societies. New born babies are completely dependent on us for their life. Small children are extremely vulnerable to infections, malnutrition and abuse. However, proper health and other care for our children can help prevent and treat most problems related to their body and mind.


There are many health issues that affect our children right from the pre-birth stage to adolescence. Common childhood illnesses, over or under eating, obesity, malnutrition, infections, diseases, accidents , injuries and psychological problems connecting with different stages of life come under the genre of child health.


According to a report generate by world health organization – “nearly 10 million children under the age of five die each year – but most could survive threats and thrive with access to simple, affordable interventions.” It is therefore important to ensure safe child births and good neonatal care as a measure to counter child mortality. HIV, malnutrition, malaria, pneumonia, measles and diarrhea are come calamities which kill children. Steps should be taken to prevent these by investing in health systems which give preventive care. However, it is important to deliver integrated and effective care continuously; from the stage of the mother’s pregnancy, to the birth of her child till the child is five years of age at least.


It is also very important for parents to plan for their children’s future right from day one. Financial planning is very important for your child. There are a variety of financial products available for parents to plan the future of their children these days. Child insurance plans are the delight of all parents, as they are customized to fulfill all the requirements of growing children. Moreover, the different child insurance plans which are available in the market double up as saving tools, for the parent to secure their child’s future. Child insurance schemes are specially focused on addressing their higher education and matrimonial needs. They are also designed to provide capital to the child for any business venture some such thing at a later stage in his life.

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