Exam fever

The usual conduct of prelims is often looked as a yardstick for scoring at the final term. Though this is a measure it is certainly not the final chapter in academic performance. Grey areas will be present in all matters of life and here it is important to move forward with perseverance and the grit to overcome. Skills can be developed and it is more important to hone ones confidence in achieving merits.


All work and no play will certainly make all of us dull. Parents play a crucial role in allotting time for young students. Providing a positive atmosphere, healthy meals, outings and personal time for kids is essential. Taking small breaks is better than getting distracted and in fact helps us to go back to a problematic situation. In case the math problem is mind boggling, then taking a few deep breaths and shutting eyes for a few seconds will help. Naps are important during study time.


Exam days can actually be scheduled well and sleep is important to improve concentration. The biggest fear is not scoring and not securing the coveted percentage. But this is actually easy by practice and hard work. Support of parents, positive people, congenial educational atmosphere, encouraging guides/teachers are important peripherals. ‘Believe in yourself’ will be the mantra and parents can actually converse with kids in helping them open up with their apprehensions.


Revising during exams can be a bit difficult. Hence prior to exams students can conduct a mock time line to see how many chapters they can revise. Concentrating on the tough ones as a priority can be suggested while others can be browsed through. Visit the doctor to treat eye and skin problems for your child. Medication during exams can make you lose your concentration. Concentrating on health food and avoiding caffeine will be beneficial.


Parents and guides must support kids. Give them time to relax, unwind and do not constantly rebuke them if they watch TV or chat with their friends. Suggest gently and spoiling their mood will go off the tangent. Extra love and care will be certainly conducive to better performance. In case the child expresses that the exam hasn’t gone well, then tell them to move forward with the next paper. Emotional support is what they need the most during exams.

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