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It may sound surprising that many achievers in varied fields including celebrities who are expressive in the front of the camera are actually introverts. Introverts are highly talented though a parent may often expect their child to be more sociable. The signs of being an introvert child are noticeable quite early. The initial mistake parents do is to fret over the problem.


Actually an introvert child is extremely observant. Their understanding of the subject is keen and they usually adapt to a situation faster. It is also true that gradually they learn to interact and get sociable. The time spent by parents with kids is very important. With high paced lifestyle, everything seems a chore and parents often let the child ‘be’. Infants who are exposed to lot many things from the initial days seldom face this problem.


If kids do not want to smile or nod at a stranger, make it a habit to take them to the zoo, park or areas which have vibrant colors. They love interacting with same age kids rather than adults. Encourage them to doodle, color or make clay moulds. Introvert kids often are intelligent and flexible as they have fewer demands. These kids have to be cared for as expression may be specific to the parent or caregiver.


Introvert can be seen as quality as the child is reflective and enhanced in his/her creative pursuits. They are ‘doers’ and with the right training will excel in their vocation. Though being a private person is a quality, communication is important in today’s world. It is fine if the child does not want to be on stage or sing at the annual school day. But introduce the child to a game of basket ball or train him on board games especially chess.


There are so many indoor activities to choose from and schools usually bring out the best in each child as sports are compulsory in their curriculum. Teach the child a few conversation skills and speak to them continuously. Ask them questions so that they can frame sentences. The important thing to care for is that they should be able to make eye contact and be fearless in expressing their view point.  All kids are gifted by Providence.

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