When kids flout rules………


The joy of parenting has its share of despair. It is tough to parent the child that is growing. Kids learn many other nuances about life as they learn to walk, pick things and also love to seek attention. The easiest way to get the attention of an audience is to misbehave. Discipline and rules do not work with children but time and again they have to be made to understand about a few do’s and don’ts.


A simple rule can be done with independence. Let the toddler pick his wash cloth while going to the bath tub. After the bath, they can be told to put away the bucket and leave the bath toys to dry. They love the praises you shower and with get more enthusiastic about the same. We work as role models for them to imitate and if we are not in the habit of brushing our teeth before going to bed then fingers are pointed at you.


Prior to going to a restaurant or a party we number quite a few rules to children. We do not want them to misbehave but at the same time want them to enjoy. Kids get carried away with the ambience at parties and turn rambunctious in the company of other kids. It is important to let them have a few suggestions on not to misbehave. None of us want any embarrassment with broken crockery or smudged birthday cake and hence a bit of rules will be necessary.


In case they flout the rules, then grounding would be necessary. This only enforces that they were exhibiting unacceptable behavior and that will not be tolerated. Giving second chances will make them confident to continue their sport whether we like it or not. Reprimanding the child by hitting is a complete no no as they do not understand the same. Slowly they also get nonchalant about physical punishment.


Time out is the best way or making them wait in the corner of the wall is another gentle punishment. Declining a trip to the mall or cutting their cartoon watching is also agreeable. Though they may cry and shriek it is better to let them ‘be’ till the time is over. Never let the child go to sleep without clearing the misunderstanding. They need to know that they were wrong and are still loved by their parents. Rules are the foundation to mould their personality and flouting them will not strengthen them.

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