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A child’s mind is extremely sensitive to information up till the age of five. Studies confirm that till the age of nine, they have a high rate of absorption. Stimulating their mind or exposing them to various things will make their minds active and they respond well. Intellect constantly needs stimulation and the best way to start this would be with an introduction to toys. Education patterns are changing and are more directed towards a vocation and hence educational toys would be the apt way to teach young minds.


Play school is a wonderful way to bond with other children. Initially a toy duck or an elephant can be used to teach them about colors, animals and birds. A slow introduction to picture toy books with interesting flaps, feathers and touch-feel category would be another way to increase their stimulus. Categorization will be easy in the next phase, where they can learn about farm animals and wild animals.


Story form of teaching is another way to tell them about various concepts. Abacus toys are very interesting to children. Initially they play with the beads and later we can teach them to count up till ten or twenty. Counting backwards is easy with Abacus toys. Another interesting game for them is the jigsaw puzzle which can used to activate their mental capacity or again teach them about body parts or concepts.


Games with sockets can be used for teaching shapes, colors or young one of animals. Different forms of vehicles are wonderfully taught with wooden insertions and similarly fruits and flowers can be learnt. Clay molding is a perfect bonding time for the family and at play school. It is fine to ignore the mess and let children get into the habit of molding the clay. Making a snail, butterfly and ball is interesting for them and also improves their motor skills.


Audio empowered educational toys are liked by all children. Poems, climate, days of week or numbers can be learnt easily in a song and dance pattern. Pretend play toys are found in kitchen and bath items. Baby games can be taught to learn about routine daily functioning. By learning to play games like role play and educational toys, kids learn new words and sentences. Construction toys or building blocks is a self learning process and encouraging them makes them more interested.

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