alphabetPlay school is a wonderful method of making toddlers sociable. Some kids are naturally flexible and love mixing with others whereas others are the shy sort. The helpers and teachers at the play school are trained to bring out the best in the child. Since children are easily influenced, there is tremendous effort on part of the care giver and parents in shaping the basics of the child. The foundation is important as each stimulation given to child will improve his/her concentration and grasping skills.

The easiest way to teach kids about alphabets is through a sing song method. A for apple and B for boy is still the tradition but one can be innovative to just show the child pictures of alphabets and words for a week. Browse educative and parenting websites and Get them interested in books with lot of animals, colors and stickers. Though there motor skills are not fully developed kids at the age of two and three can easily turn pages or hold the book well.

Singing the alphabet song is very much liked by them. This can also be done when you are stuck in traffic or when older kids are there in the house. Showing them two alphabets per week will again be apt as too much of confusion is boring for them. Let them point of the alphabet in the magazines or books or newspaper. Initially it is better to insist on capital alphabets and the next session can be done with small letters.

Another interesting way for them to learn is teaching them colors and alphabets together. Each alphabet or a group of alphabets can be teamed in the same color. This makes it exciting for them. Let them stick apple seeds or wool in the alphabets and we can introduce them to a lot of coloring. The idea at the play school is to get them interested in books and make them sit in a receptive position.

Kids are easily distracted and hence one can get music and dance to add interest. Once they are able to recognize all the letters and cases in alphabets, let them use more imagination in coloring and sticking craft items. Matching items is another way of teaching. Draw the bee or elephant and on the other side place random alphabets. Give them a clap each time they master it. Much lies ahead with cursive writing and word formation. The more we appreciate the more their interest is generated. Teaching is also a way of bonding with children.

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