Baby care

Parenting is a pleasant experience for new parents. This is a phase in life which is like a blessing in disguise. Parenting is also an instinct and there is no need to actually tell a parent how to hold the child or explain matters on hygiene. New born baby care for first time mums is an overwhelming experience. All mums know by instinct that their child is hungry and spend giving quality time to nurse the baby.


With so much of modernization, it is convenient to invest in baby products. The baby cot is a safe environment which can be installed along with the beeper. The cot also has protective varnish on the sides that does not chip easily. Supervising the child at all times is necessary and for emergencies the beep is a dependable gadget to alert you.


Working moms can also seek the comfort of expressing milk through breast pumps and refrigerating the same. The care giver can feed the baby at regular intervals. The pumps and container need to be sterilized. Weaning the baby is a personal decision though pediatricians recommend 2 years of feeding to improve the immunity of the child. Talking to the new born is a way to establish a bond. The gibberish coos and gurgles are all signs of acknowledgement along with the crooked smile and squinted glances.


New borns take time to focus and their eyes are yet to gain strength. Their skin is extremely sensitive and finger massage is the best way to soothe them. Oil, soap, powder or moisturizer of sutiable brands is available in the market but consulting the doctor is vital before beginning on a routine. Baby care can also be exhausting and hence every parent must be practical in taking care of their own self.


Broken nights and sleepless days happen in the beginning and small children are also prone to nasal congestion and cough. With time and patience every parent learns to cope up with children’s illness as the true joy lies in seeing the child achieve his or her milestones is exciting.

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