Kids- Reasons for Stealing

One of the common habits children fall prey to is stealing. This is not a rare phenomenon as far as kids are concerned. Many parents complain of their child stealing a thing or two every now and then. Children are most likely to indulge in stealing during the school life. Interestingly, many kids steal unconsciously. They take belonging of others thinking as if they own it. While few others do it consciously. This can be a dangerous habit if not curbed immediately. Parents must tread carefully before rectifying this nasty habit. Parents should begin with finding the causes of stealing. There are number of reasons why a child indulges in stealing. It could be peer pressure or low self esteem.

As mentioned earlier, many children steal because of lack of ability to differentiate between what they own and what is owned by others. They do it unconsciously. In such cases, children are ignorant. Jealousy is another reason. They find something appealing but they also know it is not theirs. So they just steal it. Jealously refers to attractive things that are owned by classmates or friends. It could be a lunch box or pen or pencil or anything. The desire is so strong that child just steals things.

One of the lesser known reasons is feeling of anger or revenge driving kids to steal. If someone stronger has upset them they indulge in stealing as their way of revenge. Peer Pressure is another common reason. The need to fit in the group is so strong that they steal someone else’s things and proclaiming it as theirs. Lastly, to get the attention of parents many kids indulge in stealing.

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