Happy Daughters day!

Daughters bring special joy in a family. Their sensitive nature also makes them magnanimous during all phases of life. The elder sister shelves a better piece of cake for her younger sibling and also understands that mother requires help in the kitchen. For a daughter her father is the ultimate role model. Understanding his apprehensions, the daughter is able to convey her sense of freedom and also accepts the rules that outline her chance to explore life.


While watching the first birthday event on the screen, parents are overwhelmed to watch the animated antics of their toddler and the expressions seem to impress them even more. The growing years when the daughter had her first teeth, her first morsel and also the first time she walked the earth is linked as evergreen memory. Parents are constantly aware of the fact that daughters need to settle down elsewhere and hence take special care to satisfy her emotional needs.


The disagreements with the teenage daughter are just an example of how much parents love her. A mother is often vicariously living through her daughter. As she adjusts her hemline or neckline while encouraging her to wear the make up, the mother is protective about her baby. Teen time is also a time for change or adjusting to various events in life. Parents extend their total support in their endeavors and also understand that the daughter needs her own space.


Each moment is a time of celebration. The academic years as she juggles between her activity class and math lessons are the best ones. There is great admiration in the eyes of the father as she receives the gold medal in her sports event. The mother’s eyes are full of tears as she watches her dance performance. The bond is a strong one that unites the family and though the daughter settles in matrimony she extends her love, shares her joys and partakes in the well being of her parents all through the journey. 

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